Rent is one of the only checks we still write. Rent Pony app connects tenants with landlords so you can chuck your checkbook & pony up.



Pony the rent with Rent Pony. Rent is one of the only checks that we still write every month. Rent Pony is an app that connects tenants with landlords, providing a central location for contact info, messaging & of course, paying & collecting rent. Rent Pony partners with Dwolla to allow you to chuck your checkbook...for good. Rent Pony is an Old MacDonald Hack Day project which began December 1, 2012. Our team consists of 5 geeks who drove from Kansas City to Des Moines to hang with fellow geeks and hack away: @chrislewman, @bishop81, @iiiggs, @alberttong, @agius. Follow @macdonaldhack, @rentpony or #haveacow on twitter.